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Journal: I hope I don't jinx myself

2015-09-07 10:16:16 by whatusernamedood

I'm working on a song. Got some chords and text down. This will be my first attempt at songwriting and vocal recording. I hope it will turn out okay.

I've got some (raw)s here. Maybe I'll finish them too.
But this song is the new, flashy one so I'll get on with it first.

Bad, bad insomnia. And "career" stuff is ... confusing. Thank the gods I don't have a social life, that would be just too much.


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2015-09-07 21:22:14

that sounds fantastic, i hope it turned out well. trying something new out is also terrifying because of failure, but it will always be a learning experience nonetheless.

also i'm dealing with insomnia right now too and it suuuuuucks

whatusernamedood responds:

With my "workflow", it's probably gonna take a while so don't hold your breath lol

It's just stupid. I do everything by the book: finish up my workouts 3-4 hours before bedtime, try not to drink coffee late, hot bath an hour before, 4-7-8 method, auto-suggestion, reverse psychology, reading books (I actually read the whole book and still can't fall asleep) to no avail. The worst thing about it is my sleeping cycle. I can function just okay with 2 hours of sleep but not even cannons can wake me up.
The "Old Phone" ringtone seems to work, it's disgusting.